Leadership for a Stronger Community

Fight for a Fair Tax System

We need a tax system that works for all of us, not just those with the most influence. I’ve introduced legislation to increase the EITC to its original level and let families write-off donations to food pantries and homeless shelters.

This is common-sense at any time. It’s even more important now that so many people are facing hardship in Michigan. Our local businesses need support from Lansing to make it through this downturn and restore economic growth in the region.

True Support for Local Agriculture

Generations of family farms have built our Eaton County community. I grew up in a farming family, and I know how important it is to protect and promote the family farms throughout the 71st District. 

In my first term as a Legislator, I was selected to sit on the Agriculture Committee. Family farms are some of the best run businesses across Michigan. Michigan must continue to protect our family farms and help them prosper as they work tirelessly to feed Michiganders, provide jobs and preserve our green spaces.

Improve Education in Eaton

It is our duty to equip children for the best possible future. To that end, I have worked tirelessly to guarantee that every child has full access to quality education and is equipped for success for all of their future pursuits.

As an elected school board member, I gained experience with the broad spectrum of issues impacting our schools and students today. As a Legislator, I am committed to fighting for increased funding for our school systems, more support for our incredible teachers, and the best outcomes for our students.

Protect our Senior Citizens

We need to do more to protect the health and finances of senior citizens in Michigan. Coronavirus is sweeping across the country, and we must implement legislation to protect our most vulnerable citizens.

I recently sponsored a bill to repeal the pension tax in Michigan. This tax was implemented in 2012 and has been very harmful to Michigan residents 65 and older. Repealing this tax is the AARP’s #1 priority in Michigan, and I will ensure it gets done.